Yintaicheng , Panzhihua

GFA:138,695 m2
Client:Panzhihua Yintai Commercial Management Co. Ltd
The project site is located in the middle of Renhe District, southwest corner of Panzhihua City, about 1 km away from The Renhe District government, about 12 km away from panzhihua City government, and about 4 km away from the intersection of the River and jinsha River. It is adjacent to bingren line in the west, Panzhihua Avenue in the north and Salad Avenue in the south. The planned light rail is adjacent to the west side of the land. It is the transportation hub of Renhe district and southern district and downtown.

The building is based on simple and modern style. It pays attention to the expression of details in facade design and emphasizes the unity of architectural form, style and proportion. Pay attention to play the role of materials for building foil, appropriate materials to express different architectural language, give consideration to economy and beauty, use modern architectural technology and materials to interpret the architectural space and environment. It interprets the relationship between architecture and urban interface with a complete street surface and a large square.

The site leveling and elevation design are carried out according to the roads surrounding the project land, and the entrances and exits of the complex are reasonably set up to form the first-floor commercial interface with different elevations, so as to create the characteristics of mountain commercial complex. Construction will be the main idea reflected in both groups, the relationship between the use of building to build a "street" elements, and comply with the four face congenital advantage of the road, will people from different direction, different elevation, introducing unique streamline makes people here do not miss out on the streets of any stores, the business value maximization. Thus, Intime City becomes a shopping center with strong dynamic and unique streamline.

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The base is surrounded by rich landscape tourism resources, five golden flowers in Sansheng Township tourism routes: Happy Merlin -- Jiangjia Vegetable field -- Dongliju Garden -- Lotus Pond Moonlight -- Flower township farm residence and Xu Liaoyuan Museum are adjacent to the project land. This project aims to create an urban flower theme leisure and vacation complex, an open and leading, all-day dynamic, low-carbon and green flower culture ecological zone. With the visual characteristics of overlapping valleys and mountains, it has become the most ecological art place with tianfu cultural temperament. In the context of the new era, open a new era of flower industry upgrading. Through the establishment of the first jinjiang District culture, business and tourism integration development demonstration project, the organic combination of culture, business and tourism, pay attention to culture implantation, create the three saints flower market cultural atmosphere.Qi'he Wanda Plaza ,ShandongQi'he 2018-2021Sunac Dezhou Qihe Land Parcel project is located at the intersection of Weixvii Road and Yellow River Avenue in the south of Qihe County, Dezhou, Shandong province. It is close to 308 National Road and Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway. After the opening of Ji-Qi Yellow River Bridge, it will reach Jinan West Railway Station in 10 minutes, thus reaching the whole country. Six gardens surround the building, 2600 square meters central View lake, a panoramic view. The project is committed to building a landmark commercial center in Qihe County. Relying on modern architectural style and environmental design to jointly create, to meet the needs of all directions. Through reasonable layout strategy and unique form language, it becomes an organic part of urban form. The total land area of the project is 238 mu, including large-scale comprehensive business and golden street -- the commercial center and golden Street form the urban interface with fluctuating building height and rich itinerary. The building forms a light and lively architectural form with delicate, fresh and modern tone, breaking the solemnity and dullness brought by the concrete square box.

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