Zhongjiao Southwest RESEARCH and development Center ,Chengdu

GFA:109,891 m2
Client:CCCC Fourth Navigation Engineering Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd
The project is located in the Innovative Science and Technology Town of Tianfu New District, Chengdu, which will gather "Tianfu Smart City and innovation source" supported by technology, information, business service, cultural and creative industries. The project land is adjacent to Chuangxin Avenue in the south and Xinglong Lake in the north. The tram around the Science and Technology City runs through it, providing superior landscape and traffic conditions.

In terms of architectural design, we combine the urban design principles of science City and innovation Highland and use modern architectural language to create a modern, simple and generous architectural group. Strong lines, simple Windows and unique vertical and horizontal combinations fully express the uniqueness and uniqueness of this project. The exterior wall of the building combines glass, light gray granite, metal and other elements to emphasize the sense of tall and straight and unique form of the building. Building facade through the different treatment of horizontal and vertical lines, subtle changes in the way of opening Windows, to create a unified and different unique building facade. Through the dislocation of the volume, the low-rise building forms the terrace space of different sizes, creating a sculptural architectural form, and also creating a garden-like office environment. The whole

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Bailuwan Town (Lot 3) , ChengduChengdu 2021he project is located in the east into south tuo interchange, Egret Bay new economic headquarters town, location superior. It is only 10min drive to chengdu city center, 20min drive to Shuangliu International Airport and 6min drive to Chengdu East Railway Station. The project site is adjacent to jinyang Avenue and Jinjiang Avenue, which is convenient to connect the central city with Tianfu New Area, and tianfu Airport is accessible to the airport hub at high speed. To maximize the integrity of the shared park, fully excavate the land value, achieve the best matching of resources through the docking and penetration of the axis between the urban interface and landscape resources, and ensure the maximum embodiment of innovation, interaction and ecology of the park. The three-dimensional level divides the use of different functions. Through the vertical partition of the use of different functions, it divides the public open, semi-private and private three-dimensional space, and creates an interactive and integrated, dynamic and efficient high-quality industrial space. The introduction of multi-level and three-dimensional greening system, through the introduction of vertical greening system, responds to the green sharing concept of high-quality scientific innovation space in the new era. The urban interface has been improved. At the present stage, the urban interface of the surrounding areas fails to match the positioning of the area's future high-tech ecological industry. Therefore, it is necessary to enrich the regional urban interface by combining the creation of urban open public nodes and modern characteristic architectural space volume from the consideration of regional integrity. Innovation Base,WuhanWuhan 2020-he project is located in Wuhan. Under the planning of the main axis, the architectural modeling is designed and created by the spirit of enterprise culture. The design takes science and technology ring as the concept and adopts the planning mode of "one ring and one axis", with clear functions and ideas, and forms a multi-layer and varied atrium core. At the same time, the building space is used to provide activity space needed by all staff, improve the quality of life in the park, and create a vibrant, healthy and comfortable atmosphere in the park.Middle Iron City ,Wenjiang Chengdu 2020-Located in the heart of The Chengdu Plain, Wenjiang District is next to Qingyang District in the east, next to Shuangliu District in the south, and next to Chongzhou city in the west, and north of Pidu District and Dujiangyan City. With the opening of the subway, the location of the base in Wenjiang District will become an important economic development and main residential area of Wenjiang District in the future. The project is located in the west of Wenjiang District, with Chengpu Railway in the south, Minjiang River in the west and urban planning road in the north. The regional traffic conditions are convenient and landscape resources are rich. The project aims at revisiting the hometown of Jinwenjiang. Our goal is to create a one-kilometer cultural living circle along jinma River. The project to create wenjiang brand community chief, high-quality housing. Landscape through the traditional humanistic spirit, the pursuit of a better life, the integration of urban housing and Traditional Chinese culture, creating a new realm of urban housing. Through planning, three axes are created to upgrade the living experience, aiming to upgrade high-rise products for garden houses from the urban interface to the land plot, and complete the differentiated upgrading and surpassing of surrounding competitive products.Yun Lu Qingcheng,DaliDali 2020-The project is located in Manjiang Street, Dali City, east of Manjiang Road, west of Hongshan Road. It is 0.1 km away from Dali Economic Development Zone Management Committee, 1.7 km away from Dali Prefectural government, 7.2 km away from Dali City Government, 5.5 km away from Dali Airport and 1.3 km away from Dali Erhai Bullet train Hub station. The project is the commercial center of west Yunnan city, the center of Dali New City, the new driving force of regional development of Manjiang River, and the model of integrated development of industry and city. The project will develop the integration of industry and city, revitalize the town with tourism and industry, and integrate art, vitality, nature and pursuit. Work/life balance, environment/capacity balance.Xintiandi ,Xiangyang Xiangyang 2020Xintiandi project is located in people's Square, Jiefang Road, fancheng District, adjacent to Jiefang Road in the north, Labor Street in the east, Ciqi Street and Xida Bridge North Road in the south, only 100 meters away from the Han River. The area of this plot has always been popular and commercial value in Xiangyang, known as the commercial leader in northwest Hubei and its surrounding areas. With a planned land area of 147 mu, the project will be built into a large-scale urban complex integrating shopping, office, hotel, residence, leisure and entertainment, and become a new urban landmark of Xiangyang.

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