Laiguangying Yudao Art Museum renovation , Beijing

GFA:1,350 m2
Client:Beijing Jinglida Image Technology Co., Ltd
Building renovation Strategy:

01. Retain the original brick wall texture, reduce the facade window opening in view of the exhibition building attributes;

02. The main entrance of the first floor is embedded with white metal plate to strengthen the image of the main entrance;

03. Reduce the French Windows in the corner of the original building and optimize the design with the logo of the museum;

04. Combined with the existing steel staircase on the east side of the building, it is wrapped with white metal plate as the canopy of the staircase and echoes the image of the main entrance;

05. Retain the existing entrance and exit on the east floor, and adopt white metal panel doors and window frames;

06. Greening blocks the outdoor units of existing ground air conditioners;

07. The metal plate of the outdoor staircase extends the inverted roof stairwell and the outer swing area, forming a continuous stretch of the architectural form, and meeting the function of sun shading and rain;

08. The leisure area outside the roof is close to the east and north of the best landscape layout

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The commercial office buildings are designed in a stadium-like architectural style that connects them thematically to the other buildings and allows the development to function as a coherent whole. The largest studio occupies an area of 3,300m2, 50m by 63m in size, which will make it the largest studio in Asia after its completion. This studio is accessed via a large 16m by 32m sliding door similar to that of a hanger – an unprecedented addition in China. When the door is drawn open slowly, the performances inside are slowly revealed to the audiences outside. The studio will have a very large stage designed to make a strong visual impact. Its other remarkable features include Xinguang Square, which covers an area of 6,000m2 and Xiguang Avenue, which is entirely blanketed by red carpet. When completed, the project will become the venue for many international A-level movies and TV shows.Banpo International Art District ,Xi'an Xi'an 2011The project is located in the east of Xi'an. It is now the phase one in Ban po international cultural industry and easy to be reached. It’s only 10 minutes’ drive to subway line 1. The planning area is at the central of the Ban po Cultural Industry; it's close to the Xi'an Ban po Museum in the west and on the Fang xi street from the east. The city plans to build roads in the north and adjacent to the planning land of International Cultural Industry Ban po area two .The terrain of the base is huge, that even the original textile’s old factory building is inside the base. With the rapid social development the value of this timeless factory workshop is mostly in beautiful memories it contains. In order to extend the memory and give it a new functional definition, we will try our best to keep the original style and features and make it reborn. It will keep a copy of the precious memories for our descendants.Natural and Science Museum, TibetLhasa 2009-2015One the most important public science and technology cultural building projects in recent years, the Tibet Museum of Natural Sciences will serve as a major public platform of the government, presenting the nature and culture of the Tibetan Autonomous Region to the general public. The museum possesses three permanent exhibition halls devoted to natural science, science and culture, respectively, as well as an astronomical observatory, 3D and 4D cinemas, and other facilities. From the very beginning of the design process, factors such as the local climate, clean energy sources like solar energy, and geothermal heat pump systems were all taken into consideration. The museum meets the environmental criteria of both the Chinese “Green Building Evaluation Standard” and the British BREEAM standard. The external fa?ade helps to shade the interior from the harshness of the high altitude sunlight, creating beguiling shadows in the inner atriums that stimulate the imagination of the visiting public and abstractly bring to mind the Datura flower and its link to traditional Tibetan culture. Cendes, in cooperation with AS, won the competition and the whole design contract from schematic design to construction design. The museum takes two years in design and three years in construction, and it is going to open in 2015. Jinyang Art Gallery,guiyangGuiyang 2007The project site is located to the west of South Changling Road and east of Xiaowan River. It is surrounded by center residential community under planning. In terms of arrangement, the project fully respects for local topography. Strike harmony and balance between buildings and urban roads, landscape and stream of people in the light of existing site conditions, thus creating conditions for peaceful museum. In addition, the constructivism is used in design of the museum according to artistic character of the museum itself. Space of the museum is three dimensional, and the museum itself not only is venue for displaying artistic creations, but also is an artistic work.. Designer strives for creating and maintaining a novel and active modern art museum with its inspirations from broken natural stones, and for developing the museum into a landmark building on South Changling Road.

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