Hang yun building,Guangzhou

GFA:14,230 m2
Client:Guangdong Navigation
The project site is located in Guangzhou, and the planning structure is superior to the core of cultural and creative industry. In terms of industrial structure planning, the project belongs to the media creative industry zone and the central axis of the new city. Haizhu District is one of the key urban areas for future development, but it is difficult to develop because of the complex ownership of land and many existing buildings. The project land has good construction conditions, is located in one of the core of regional planning, is expected to be a key project.

This project integrates business, office, publishing, conference and other multi-function formats into one, vertically and orderly stacking of each format. Through the interconnection and sharing of multiple highlight functions in the vertical space, each other is stimulated, mutual value-added effect is generated, and the value of the overall format is improved. The design breaks the traditional setting of single ground floor and creatively shapes six "ground floor" Spaces. Through multiple vertical transportation systems such as flying ladder, shuttle ladder and enterprise ladder, it guides people upward to each ground floor, activates and enhances commercial value and realizes the concept of "+" space with value-added effect.

Related Projects

Innovation Base,WuhanWuhan 2020-he project is located in Wuhan. Under the planning of the main axis, the architectural modeling is designed and created by the spirit of enterprise culture. The design takes science and technology ring as the concept and adopts the planning mode of "one ring and one axis", with clear functions and ideas, and forms a multi-layer and varied atrium core. At the same time, the building space is used to provide activity space needed by all staff, improve the quality of life in the park, and create a vibrant, healthy and comfortable atmosphere in the park.May 8th New Economy Industrial Park,Chengdu Chengdu 2018-至今The May 8th New Economic Industrial Park is located in Jinjiang District of Chengdu city, close to Jinjiang Avenue. The design is based on the overall planning idea of Chengdu city to vigorously build a beautiful and livable park city and the overall urban design of Jinjiang District as the planning background, and focuses on building an industrial headquarters park with 58.com as the core. The project aims at creating high-quality urban spatial form and comfortable high-quality business district. The headquarters tower creates a double-height green atrium space at the core, connecting with the square to create a new ecological, integrated and interactive office environment. The facade design gives full consideration to the image of the Internet company, and creates the unique image of 58 Group with simple and active shapes. At the same time, it runs through the ecological concept, and sets up multiple hanging gardens and vertical greening at different heights. The design uses different materials texture, combined with the lines of the podium, concave and convex white frame and glass matching, forming a unified and rich building facade. The city concept of Chengdu park will be organically implemented to become a benchmark industrial headquarters park driven by both industry focus and life consumption. Jiaotou Land International Innovation Center,ChengduChengdu 2018-The project is located in the Central Business District of Tianfu New District, Chengdu, and is a major industrial project in this area. The land is located at the intersection of the central ecological belt and the east-west axis ningbo Road, so the geographical position is extremely important. With a total floor area of 210,000 square meters, it is divided into two 35-story and 45-story super high-rise towers with building heights of 160 meters and 220 meters respectively. Adjacent to the Southwest headquarters of China Railway, the project faces the Belt and Road Building in the east, the Central Business ecological belt in the south, and tianfu Central Park in the distance. Both landscape value and location value have a strong first-mover advantage. Upon completion, the project will become an important international innovation center of intelligent transportation and a landmark corporate headquarters building in the region.Zhongjiao Southwest RESEARCH and development Center ,Chengdu Chengdu 2017-至今The project is located in the Innovative Science and Technology Town of Tianfu New District, Chengdu, which will gather "Tianfu Smart City and innovation source" supported by technology, information, business service, cultural and creative industries. The project land is adjacent to Chuangxin Avenue in the south and Xinglong Lake in the north. The tram around the Science and Technology City runs through it, providing superior landscape and traffic conditions. In terms of architectural design, we combine the urban design principles of science City and innovation Highland and use modern architectural language to create a modern, simple and generous architectural group. Strong lines, simple Windows and unique vertical and horizontal combinations fully express the uniqueness and uniqueness of this project. The exterior wall of the building combines glass, light gray granite, metal and other elements to emphasize the sense of tall and straight and unique form of the building. Building facade through the different treatment of horizontal and vertical lines, subtle changes in the way of opening Windows, to create a unified and different unique building facade. Through the dislocation of the volume, the low-rise building forms the terrace space of different sizes, creating a sculptural architectural form, and also creating a garden-like office environment. The whole Sunac Duan Dian,JinanJinan 2015-2019Jinan is an important development city in North China. The Jinan Duandian area is the first project shanding design has participated in, including Fortune No.1 residential project, Cambridge Mansion residential project, Fortune No.1 Plaza project, etc. The business covers office buildings, apartments, high-end residences and commercial blocks. It is a large-scale development project of community level. After about 3 years of design control and construction coordination, the project has been partially completed. The high efficiency of project implementation, the high requirements and timeliness of design drawings and construction cooperation are also inevitable. Sunac's Duandian project provides a good opportunity for shanding design to design and practice.

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