Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing

GFA:3,000 m2
Client:Diaoyutai State GuesthouseAdministration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
In view of this project, we put forward four transformation strategies of "problem rectification, elevation upgrade, environment improvement and interior renovation". The layout of the plan is optimized on the original layout plan, emphasizing the outdoor space order of "front yard" and "back yard" in the landscape planning, and focusing on creating the "front yard" area that first meets the eye when the passenger flow enters. In addition, the scheme provides a complete slow walking space in the backyard, and provides the conditions for passengers to gradually stay and relax in the outdoor space.

In terms of planning, the main functional areas of this scheme are drop-off area, lobby area, guest room area, backyard and parking area. The main functions of the first floor of the building are hotel lobby, conference area, restaurant and private rooms, luggage room and ancillary facilities, business and so on. The main functions of the second to seventh floors are standard rooms and suites. The main functions of basement are motorized garage, supporting main machine room, kitchen, staff dining room and so on.

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