Qilongshan , Pingle

GFA:70,000 m2
Client:Qionglai Wuhe Real Estate Co., Ltd
his project is located on the right side of the entrance of Pingle Ancient Town, Chengdu Qionglai City, about 2km away from the exit of Pingle Expressway. About 100 kilometers away from Chengdu, 1.5 hours drive; It is about 20 km from Downtown Qionglai and 15 minutes by car.

Relying on the rich southern Silk Road culture and water town cultural resources of Pingle Ancient Town, we will lead the development of cultural tourism projects integrating southern Silk Road cultural experience, ancient town tourism and leisure vacation. Supported by the three major project systems of ecology, health care and vacation, chunyu Doctor as the core, extending health care industry services, multi-theme b&B group as the carrier of industrial operation, cultural experience space, make qionglai leisure and vacation destination with local cultural characteristics. Perfect supporting services, create a tourism atmosphere suitable for rest and entertainment, link the green and dynamic environment of the ancient town, enrich cultural experience, integrate local characteristic architecture and landscape, and realize cultural identity and connection

Related Projects

Huapu Three-dimensional Forest Healing Garden,Chengdu Chengdu 2020-he project is located in no. 1 Xinguang Road and No. 1 Xinguang North Road, east of the intersection of Xinguang Road and Second Ring Road, Wuhou District. It is close to Tongzilin and Nijiaqiao subway station, and close to the second ring viaduct of Chengdu. It is a key road in urban planning, with convenient transportation and a variety of travel options. The surrounding business district is mature. This project creates a one-stop model of healthy urban life, providing basic medical services and community care services for the city. Experience garden-style medical and nursing environment, medical, nursing, living, music, compound quality community. The "support and radiation" mode, relying on its own advantages in professional medical resources, integrates community health service institutions and day care centers to realize the organic integration of "home-based" life care services and professional medical services.Shenglian Island Global Port · Port Town Project,Suining Suining 2020Project planning to one axis (central public image axis), One (central square), belt (series of landscape between the blocks), a ring (small train sightseeing route 1+N length line) series of islands (home stay group), to create "Chengyu · Suining exquisite sodding resort" achievement of Suining tourism city banner demonstration area. Build the central axis and dynamic green belt to stimulate the waterfront commercial vitality, implant the water curtain lotus light show, build a wonderful space-time harbor of joy.Taikang Home retirement Community,ShenyangShenyang 2018Taikang Home project land is located in the south of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, quanyun Fifth Road, Baita Second Street, Baita third Street, mozishan Road, surrounded by complete supporting facilities, the traffic is very convenient. The municipal planning construction land area of the project is about 9.46 hectares. The nature of land use is mainly residential, taking into account part of the business. The project is positioned as a high-quality elderly community in the southern new district of Shenyang, focusing on creating a full-age community with emphasis on communication and positive sunshine, shaping a high-quality social center rich in cultural heritage, and creating a spiritual home to enhance the cultural experience of the elderly. In the overall planning of the project, the east-west axis is used to connect various spatial groups. "Oriental Landscape Axis" is based on Oriental garden art. Through the elements of courtyard level, space square, mountain light, pond shadow, mountain stack and stone stack, it combines the viewer's thought connotation to cultivate one's morality and cultivate one's nature. "Western etiquette Axis" attaches importance to different landscape combinations, fully showing the atmosphere and luxury, giving pedestrians a good walking experience. On the whole, it integrates the beauty of traditional Oriental architecture and the delicacy of western architecture. The residential buildings in the project give full consideration to the audience and combine the characteristics of the project land to create the most comfortable, functional and efficient user experience for users.Black Dragon Beach Long Islanternational Leisure and Vacation Future Citynd IMeishan 2016-The scenic area of Black Dragon Beach is also known as the “Thousand Island Lake of the West” and “The Sea of Western Sichuan”. It has ranging mountains and a clean, green lake. The Future City has the protection of environments at the core of its design, and will include facilities of tourism and vacation, health and medical care, culture and education.Zhonghe Yichang Waterfront Complex,YichangYichang 2016he project is positioned as the chief ecological experience type sojourn and recreation habitat of Jingchu, striving to build it into the benchmark of the comprehensive community driven by sojourn and recreation in the Three Gorges, the development model of the ecological community suitable for recreation and recreation in Hubei, and the innovative demonstration area of the comprehensive community development with multiple composite characteristics in western Hubei. The project takes the development of ecological tourism and residence, leisure and health care as the theme, takes the superior natural ecological background landscape as the backing, and takes the collection of health care, ecological housing, tourism and vacation, and cultural and recreational creation as the industrial support, to create a pleasant, harmonious and charming characteristic comprehensive community. Planning concept A shaft: Relying on the main road and ecological wetland resources of the park, it creates an experience-oriented north-south tourism comprehensive service development axis, connecting various functional areas, and effectively separating public services from private residential areas. This is the core concept of plan 1. The two wings: The active waterfront leisure zone in the northwest and the ecological wetland experience zone in the southeast are respectively. The two belts run through the two plates on the north side of the axis respectively. The cross forms the Y-shaped structure, which is a double ecological leading tie that integrates recreation, recreation, health care, business travel, cultural innovation and agriculture sightseeing throughout the whole domain. Three areas: High-end ecological sojourn area, characteristic tour experience area, comprehensive facilities service area. Each area contains distinct themes and is connected by ecology. To jointly build a comprehensive community with ecological sodding and characteristic experience concept.

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