Sunac ·GuanLanFuDi , Jinan

GFA:118,156 m2
The project land is located in the west of Jinan Qihe Financial Center, adjacent to the Yellow River Road in the east, and reserved for the government complex office building in the west. As the core area of the south New District, the location conditions are better and the living atmosphere is strong. The facade style is simple and grand, using three sections, emphasizing vertical lines while adding partial horizontal lines, giving people a stretch, simple and rich facade feeling. Carefully create from the human perspective to watch every detail node, approachable scale to emphasize the sense of quality and value.

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Deyuan longhuchengbang , LezhiLezhi 2020-Project adhering to the harmonious ecology, garden plot overall design experience, the principle of integrity and richness, architectural design adopts improved modern architectural form rational style, absorbing the essence of advanced construction tone, through the elegant atmosphere of the landscape design of the architectural form and solemn temperament builds a plot their particular temperament connotation, at the same time reveal personality of its own, With an elegant posture into the wanda city area simple, elegant, close to the nature of the overall atmosphere. Single project design with concise straight line and fine size, showing romantic elegant contemporary and emphasizes the integration with nature and environment, longitudinal extension lines make the building more lightsome, both traditional verve and do not break vogue taste elegant, focusing on the modern life comfort at the same time, combining with the essence of the classic design, ancient and modern, mergers and acquisitions It has a sense of international city and is more suitable for contemporary people's lifestyle.Tanghu Boyue Xijiang , ChengduChengdu 2020-Tanghu · Boyue Xijiang River is located at the bank of Mother River and Xihe River in Chongzhou. It is close to binjiang Ecological Park, a 95-hectare riverside ecological complex built by the government with a huge investment. It contains a riverside greenway and river landscape weir, which are 4.4 kilometers linked to alomuhe Wetland Park greenway. Living here, you can see the xijiang River in spring, with its rippling blue waves, misty colors and blooming jade trees, enjoying the gorgeous scenery of the Xihe river in all seasons. Tanghu Lake · Park Yue Xijiang, standing beside the West River of Chongzhou, with the development potential of binjiang New city, adhering to the sewing-work of Tanghu Lake park system, making ecological secret environment, realizing the dream of the ideal of 548 urban river views. Tianli · Royal Jingfeng,LeshanLeshan 2020-Metro project is located in leshan center, S305 provincial road north, in the minjiang river, qingyi river, dadu river sanjiang surrounding area, away from the railway transport hub in leshan station 7 km, the transportation is convenient, the geographical position is very superior, the surrounding landscape resources is superior, has the good development condition, the entire base is relatively flat, regional position is very superior. This project can realize large-scale groups surround close space, at the same time pay attention to the humanized design high-rise buildings surround close space, good processing the spatial relationship between the building and the courtyard, has strengthened the internal landscape and the permeability of the external landscape, landscape and residential form a organic whole, up to the man and nature, people and architecture, communication and resonance with yard, achieve the goal of high-end residential community.Middle Iron City ,Wenjiang Chengdu 2020-Located in the heart of The Chengdu Plain, Wenjiang District is next to Qingyang District in the east, next to Shuangliu District in the south, and next to Chongzhou city in the west, and north of Pidu District and Dujiangyan City. With the opening of the subway, the location of the base in Wenjiang District will become an important economic development and main residential area of Wenjiang District in the future. The project is located in the west of Wenjiang District, with Chengpu Railway in the south, Minjiang River in the west and urban planning road in the north. The regional traffic conditions are convenient and landscape resources are rich. The project aims at revisiting the hometown of Jinwenjiang. Our goal is to create a one-kilometer cultural living circle along jinma River. The project to create wenjiang brand community chief, high-quality housing. Landscape through the traditional humanistic spirit, the pursuit of a better life, the integration of urban housing and Traditional Chinese culture, creating a new realm of urban housing. Through planning, three axes are created to upgrade the living experience, aiming to upgrade high-rise products for garden houses from the urban interface to the land plot, and complete the differentiated upgrading and surpassing of surrounding competitive products.Sunac · Lanshan No.1 ,Qingdao Qingdao 2019-The project site is located in the north side of Chengyang Street, with access to traffic and close proximity to chengyang North Expressway (30 minutes to downtown), which is closely connected with the life of the main city. It is only 3 kilometers away from Qingdao Agricultural University, 8 kilometers away from Liuting Airport, and about 12 kilometers to the east of the project is longshan Scenic spot. The design goal of this project is to create a beautiful, high-end, convenient and livable modern residential environment. The overall layout is small high-rise products in the south and high-rise products in the north, forming an overall pattern of low south and high north. There are two 26-storey high-rise houses, two 25-storey residential houses and one 23-storey talent apartment on the north side, two 17-storey office buildings on the west side and ten 18-storey small high-rise houses on the south side. The north side of the project consists of four high-rise residences and one talent apartment, and the west side of the project is surrounded by two high-rise buildings. Through the space enclosure of the high-rise building, the central courtyard and the cluster courtyard complement each other, and the cluster is formed as a whole by the spatial axis running through the north and south. The western houses in the south also consider the sorting of spatial structure, taking public space and street space as the skeleton, connecting them into a spatial hierarchical relationship with distinct primary and secondary and clear structure.

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